Wrecking Ball Set Report: Why is Miley Cyrus Crying?

A naked Miley Cyrus rides around on a wrecking ball in her video for the aptly-titled "Wrecking Ball."

But while the focus of most viewers have been on the 20-year old's bare breasts and exposed bottom, a source tells Hollywood Life that those on set were most shocked and impressed by Miley's eyes.

Specifically, the tears that flowed freely from them.

"Even though she was happy and in a good mood, it only took like two seconds for her to start crying," an insider says. "When [director Terry Richardson] wanted her cry, he told her to think about losing Liam and boom, she went from happy to breaking down."

The source adds that the shoot "wasn't an act" and that the "song is obviously very personal for her."

This report seems to jibe with claims that Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are very much on the outs, with the actor supposedly seeking a clean break from his fiancee after her raunchy, controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And if that bad news weren't enough for Cyrus, check out the following video.

She has reportedly been axed from the December Vogue cover because editor Anna Wintour is simply disgusted by her antics. Ouch.

Miley Cyrus: Cut from Vogue


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Published By: thehollywoodgossip - Tuesday, 10 September, 2013